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LLC «Olga» started its activity in 2009 on the Stadnytska and Havryshivskoyi rural lands. Nowadays we are

farming on approximately 2 thousand hectares of land. We grow wheat, canola, corn, soybean, sorghum and other crops. We

also provide services in the soil-prep and cultivation, harvesting and planting.

The company is equipped with modern facilities for tillage, planting, growing and harvesting, we use agricultural

machinery of leading domestic and foreign producers.

The management of the company has accepted the developmental pattern of the enterprise, the strategies of which

include growing crops according to intensive and innovative technologies.

At first the analysis of all soils was made. Following the results of the research over the period of 4 years our farming operation performed many soil deoxidation measures, bringing PH to neutral 6.6.

The next important step we took was by learning the best existing hybrids, varieties of different crops and their potential.

For these particular varieties and hybrids we have implemented a system of fertilization which has helped to accomplish the maximum economic benefit from the


Then we have investigated into purchasing of the machinery and the equipment for our needs, which could perform the work with maximum

quality, efficiency and reliability.

In the system of plant protection our farming operation uses only original products of known international manufacturers.

The company is constantly working on training of the employees. Employees regularly visit international

exhibitions, seminars of global companies.

In November 2012, the Company visited with, learned and adopted the experience of Farmers in the U.S. (South Dakota). The purpose of the

trip was to study the technology of growing corn and soybeans. That visit helped us to make great yields of corn and soybeans.

All the measures we’ve taken helped us to reach the following yield indicators:


Winter wheat – 93 kg / ha

Maize – 93 152 kg / ha

Soybeans – 48 93 kg / ha

Rape – 46 93 kg / ha

Sorghum – 85 93 kg / ha

Peas – 45 93 kg / ha

Manager: Kovalchuk Andrii Ivanovych